Research and Development

Elco’s Research and Development Department based in Inzago - Italy, is where the company works alongside clients to develop, test and fit motors into their products. Working in partnership with clients regarding the design and testing of product development is one of Elco’s key aspect strategies, and remains one of the company’s core values.

With a team of 15 engineers, each Elco product is designed by qualified and experienced personnel using 2D and 3D CAD stations and equipped lab testing and tunning. Elco’s R&D Department contains a fully equipped lab for electrical and mechanical testing and life expectancy testing - which is performed in climate rooms to simulate extreme working conditions. Furthermore, the lab is capable of air-flow tests performed to AMCA standards.

The Development and retention of intellectual property enables Elco to stay at the forefront of motor technology and create new market opportunities. This has been, and remains, the company’s policy.

ISO 9001:2015

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