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These units are designed for HVAC applications and are developed internally by Elco’s R&D Dpt. This range of products is dedicated for use in air handling units such as condensing units, fan coils, ventilation units, air curtains, heat ventilating units, and all other applications where air movement is necessary. Moreover, they are available in both Asynchronous and High Efficiency (EC) versions.


Our Elco products are custom-made solutions designed specifically for OEM’s of refrigeration applications in constant search of quality goods. The wide range of alternatives is flanked by a series of accessories in plastic, steel and aluminum, able to ensure the best performance in any application and market. The products are VDE or UL / CSA approved and are manufactured close to our customers in Italy, China and Brazil. In 1998 we presented the first sample of the Energy Saving Motor (ECM), a high-efficiency motor alternative to the shaded pole motor. Typical applications for these type of products include standard Supermarket Refrigerated counters, cold rooms, solutions for ice cream machines, small condensing and evaporating units.


In a sector that is in constant movement, Elco proves its versatility with a range of products built to satisfy all our clients personalized demands.