In a sector that is in constant movement, Elco proves its versatility with a range of products that fulfill our client’s personal requirements – allowing a higher level of customization and answers to all client demands.

1.) Gear Motors
These custom-made gear reduction motors are designed for driving devices that require slow but powerful motion, such as slush machines and cold drink dispensers. These motors are fitted with thermal protectors to comply with UL & CE requirements and come with a large lubricant reservoir for heavy-duty use.

2.) Pre-mix
A brand new range of combustion blowing for applications in domestic and Industrial boiler units. Made by cast aluminum, they are not only extremely resistant, but are also compact and meet all standard EU Directives regarding air moving efficiency.

3.) Agitator
The Agitator motor is designed for the needs of the beverage dispensing industry. These motors are totally enclosed for protection against moisture (IP65) and is suitable in no air-over ambient. The ECM solution is the answer to the demands of the market requesting higher efficiency and lower motor temperature.

4.) Regal Group
– From Electric motors and generators to electronic switchgear, Regal products convert power into motion in products such as home furnaces, pumps, elevators, conveyors, office equipment, power stations and thousands of other critical uses. Regal has grown over the last 55 years from one brand to a family of 12 major brands and countless products – sharing business processes, information technology and engineering expertise. For more information, visit the Regal website at: http://www.regalbeloit.com