About Us

Elco manufactures and distributes electric motors for use in commercial refrigeration and also in heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, this segment is better known as "HVAC-R".


Strategically located with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brazil and China, with sales offices in Russia, UAE, Singapore, Mexico and Columbia and thanks to a widespread presence in North America, Australia and South Africa granted by being part of the Regal Beloit Corporation, ELCO is selling in more than 80 Countries in the world even through a dense network of local agents and distributors.

In 1998 ELCO presented its first electronic commuted motor or ECM, a high efficiency energy saving motor designed for the commercial refrigeration world. If compared to the traditional shaded pole motors or PSC, the efficiency of the ECM motor is definitely higher and can reduce the consumptions up to one-third. This range of motor promptly received the approval of a significant number of food retailers and OEMs, this thanks to the concrete possibility to reduce the energy costs and especially to the several economic benefits that can be generated in the long term. With over 4 million units sold worldwide, the market of these motors is expected to grow, expanding its use to the HVAC market sector.